KG Pro Photo
KG Digital Solutions

High Speed Digital Photo Printer

High quality prints

Superior smear correction technology creates exceptional crisp prints. Matte or glossy print quality is comparable to a silver halide photo. 300 dpi.


6.8 seconds, faster than many mini labs. Meets onsite demands of virtually any event.

High capacity

Capacity up to 700 6" x 4" prints. Minimizes media replacement process. Saves time.

Minimal equipment investment

Less than the typical down payment on a new digital mini lab.

FREE Instant Print software

Instantly print while you shoot. Files can be sent wirelessly.

Easy maintenance

Front loading paper and ribbon. Simple spare parts replacement.

Compact and light weight

Easy to transport. Tailored slim body. Weight of 44 pounds.

Warranty and support

Toll free hotline, 12 month or 10,000 print warranty with Advanced Exchange Program standard. Extended warranty programs available.

S2145 High Speed Digital Photo Printer
Color Stream CE1 8 Inch Compact Brochure Cover

Digital Printer Brochure

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